Chapter 130 first stitch is cheap


  Han Zhen see a cave not far from there, no one guard outside, but heard faint cries coming from the woman, and the men vulgar sound of laughter.Han Zhen idea of a turn, think there is likely to be closed to those women, and guard their mountain bandits apparently not so honest, they even took the opportunity to insult a boast vices.


  They just went to the door, did not wait for Uncle Li to speak, in front of that tall bodyguards put forth his hand to stop her, “Miss, you can not go.”


  Grandfathers and grandmothers meaning is very simple, in their eyes, Jiangxia like children, are at home baby.


  Meng Wei did not expect so one could not help laughing: “Slaves’d forgotten that clothes make the pot indeed infected with taste, is the failure of slaves.”


  ”Pharaoh!”SU head coach thing is to take care of their students, and so the other end two children were settled, he was free to see the results, the look, he just wants to swallow a stopwatch, ‘You.’


  Back more personal, affordable Hatano comes in the back, he looked around, saw a servant to come here, hurried behind-handed round the point ginger Rou thigh, Batui ran quickly to the tide Court.


  Gangster turned uncomfortably, frowning, very unfavorable and said: “Men and women are different, being seen is not good.”


  Zhou Xiaoxin nodded: “Dad, my.”She’s position a bit awkward, as a wife, mother and work against a completely different concept, even by Houl北京夜网in Mo Fang heart to recover, it is estimated will give her mind a fortune, and she could not help sorrowful, it had better how to do it?


  He used to be insatiable, and then find the time, to carry their belongings over there is here.