Yoga beginners to know

Yoga beginners to know

There is a total of 80-104 movements of yoga for rest and tranquility, which are divided into many factions. Among them, “BIKRAM” yoga is the most respected in Western countries.

Taiwanese coach Mo Huiping is a representative of this group of yoga.

Teacher Mo Huiping said that BIKRAM is also called hot yoga.

It is best for the practitioner to perform at a temperature of 38-40 seconds (it can also be performed at a constant temperature). Actually, the same can be done in the sauna, which can not only fully move the switch section, but also can lean the muscles and ligaments.

She told reporters that practicing yoga must first be physiologically peaceful and then cooperate with breathing exercises.

If you use your energy wisely, you will be able to give full play to your potential and complete your posture.

The thoughts of “resting with movement” and “resting with peace” fit well with yoga, which is why she is so intimate with this ancient fitness method.

  ”Yoga needs to be practiced in a quiet state of mind”, this is what Teacher Mo said to reporters before the practice began.

Looking at the people practicing yoga all around is relaxed and peaceful, like removing any distractions, cultivating meditation, focusing all the attention on the sensations generated by each action, and making the mind overly concerned about any part.
The journalist who is used to it is really not used to it. He always consciously or unconsciously observes the people around him. As a result, the action is always half done and he can’t persist. It seems that he has the perseverance to repair his morality.

  Everyone can practice yoga. In this tens of square meters of gym, there are teenagers, as well as elderly people in their 70s, there are men and women.

Yoga fitness has long been recognized as one of the safest and most creative exercises.

Yoga makes the body slowly and gradually shrink, easy to learn, no equipment, no deviation.

It doesn’t have aerobics, gymnastics-like vertical movements, and it doesn’t stretch your ligaments hard. There is almost no possibility of injury.

You can practice even if you have never participated in any other exercise and think you are stiff, as long as you can reach the position you can reach.

Mr. Mo said, “Although everyone steps differently, as long as you break to the most comfortable position, you can stay where you can for a while, and you will achieve the effect of exercise. Do not force yourself to feel uncomfortable.

“Not only that, yoga practice is very beneficial for a person’s muscle system, mental system, endocrine system, and digestive system.

Yoga exercises can relax your muscles after you finish the machine and help stretch your muscles.

It can help people’s body shape to be more evenly weighed and have beautiful lines; at the same time, it has the effect of quiet nerves, and a lot of people will reduce fatigue after training.

Focusing on practicing yoga can also balance various glands in your body, soothing from physiology to psychology; a large number of forward bending, reclining, twisting, oblique abdomen, squeezing and other movements in yoga movements can massage people’sInternal organs are very useful for digestion.

Some yoga poses can also treat diseases such as gallstones and lumbar muscle strain.

  Although there are no strong ligaments, yoga has the potential to help soften the body.

People of different ages and genders, as long as they routinely do yoga amplitudes and regard it as a way of life, it will not be difficult to find physical changes after a few weeks.

In addition to self-cultivation, yoga also pays attention to spiritual cultivation, which is very helpful for peace of mind and enhancing endurance in life.

  Practicing Prayer Time 1, yoga can be practiced at all times except meals; preferably three or four hours after a meal.

  2. Early morning or evening is a good choice.

  3. In the evening, the movement is generally more flexible than in the morning, so the yoga posture will be done in place.

  4. Exercises in the evening will help to eliminate the fatigue of the day and make people regain energy.

  Location The location of practice is especially important for yoga.

In troubled cities, people find it difficult to find pastoral or forest to practice, so you should choose a quiet, clean, comfortable and airy room as soon as possible.

  The floor should be a mat made of natural materials, which is thin and suitable. It is not too soft or too hard. The mat must support its spine.

  Dressing Because yoga has a large number of twisted and twisted torso and limb movements, it is best to wear loose clothing, bare feet, and remove watches, belts or other accessories before starting the exercise, which may hinder movement.

  Diet yoga should be fasting.

Try to do the exercises three or four hours after a meal.

Try to avoid eating things that are too greasy, spicy and prone to hyperacidity; eat only 1 hour after the exercise.

  Advice 1, don’t force yourself.

When doing yoga poses and other exercises, remember not to force them.

Beginners may find their muscles or ligaments are stiff. After a few weeks of regular practice, their muscles and ligaments will be more flexible and flexible.  2. People with tinnitus or retinal problems should try to avoid those upside down body movements.

  Rule 1. Breathe with your nose all the time: nose hair can filter dirty air and harmful bacteria, and also stabilize your nerves, making your body healthier.

  2. Do not eat for an hour before or after practicing yoga: keep fasting.

  3. Grasp the slow process of body posture and the feeling of body movement are more important than completing posture.

  4. Keep the number of breaths when completing the posture, limited to your physical fitness.

Beginners can keep the number of breaths three to five times, and then increase the number slowly.

  5. As long as you practice yoga, you can achieve the effect by persevering to the best of your ability.

  6, six months after surgery and women’s physiological period should not practice difficult movements.

  7, hypertension, hypertension patients and pregnant women do only simple actions.

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