White-collar neck guard flying kite while spring breeze

White-collar neck guard flying kite while spring breeze

Modern white-collar workers who keep their heads down for a long time will cause excessive muscle fatigue and press the gravity on the bones of the cervical spine.

Over time, it will cause cervical disc herniation and cause cervical spondylosis.

Some occupations, due to prolonged bowing or raising their heads, can easily cause chronic strain.

  White-collar neck care is very important. “A lot of people think that twisting is a trivial matter, but for the neck, it is a big deal.

According to experts, from the back of the human head to the collarbone, it is the territory of the neck.

There are cervical vertebrae, lymph nodes, trachea, esophagus, arteries and densely distributed nerves in the neck, which are not considered “simple structure” by many people.

“The food that the human body needs to breathe and the air it breathes go through the neck into the body.

Commands from the brain are also transmitted to the limbs through the neck.

The neck is the bond between the head and the body. Once severed, life will cease to exist.

“The neck is so important, but it is easy to be ignored.

“It’s like breathing. On weekdays, people don’t pay special attention to its existence. Only when something goes wrong does it matter.

“Experts said.

According to a survey by the Ministry of Health, 70% of white-collar workers have different degrees of “office disease” over a decade, and some of them are related to the neck.

Pharyngitis ranks first among the five “office diseases”, and the other is more and more cervical spondylosis.

Orthopaedic experts from a hospital surveyed nearly 300 cervical spondylosis surveys from across the country and found that young people under 40 accounted for 48 of the cervical spondylosis population.


  Neck protector salt cloth bag works well.

Sew a long pocket, put the large salt particles in it, seal it, and dry it in a microwave oven.

Pillow under the neck when you sleep every day, it is advisable to feel warm, it can relieve the discomfort.

  Fly more kites and swim more.

Lowering your head or leaning forward too long can cause pain.

Flying kites and swimming are good ways to relieve neck pressure.

  Raised her chest up at the earliest.

Some people are accustomed to humpback at first and stretch their neck forward, which will increase the stress on the neck.

Raising your head and chest can relieve the burden on your neck.

  Wear a neck restraint when sedentary.

The comfortable and supportive neck pillow makes the neck of a sedentary person in a correct posture.

However, the neck pillow has only an auxiliary effect and cannot be used as a treatment.

  Only by lying flat can you rest completely.

Experts point out that if you want to rest completely on your neck, you can only lie flat. People who are used to lying on their backs can flatten the pillows before going to bed.

When lying on the side, the height of the pillow is the same as the height of a half fist.
15 cm is appropriate.

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