Primary Yoga: Concentration

Primary Yoga: Concentration

If a person achieves this ability, he can become the master of his own spirit and control the ups and downs of his own spirit.

At the same time, he can also restrain his mind from thinking or entangled in countless questions, events, concerns and objective things. Mastering this method, you can find the correct answer, chaotic thoughts,It becomes selective and purposeful thinking, meaningless and worthless thoughts are eliminated.

  With proper training, after mastering this method of toxicity concentration, the condition of patients with mental illness will change significantly.

In order to better understand the effect of energy concentration, I can look at the views and understandings of people in India about the characteristics of the spirit and its relationship with the body.

  Spirit is always associated with problems, events, ideas or objects in its characteristics.

Although this connection may be long or short, in the end, the mind can only think about one problem.

Because the human spirit is connected to something, it is difficult to predict.

  It must be clear that this characteristic of spiritual connection with things can produce a special response in the body.

Because the mind is affected by a problem or thing, the body responds accordingly.

In essence, the nature of this reaction is consistent with the nature of the things to which the spirit is connected.

Therefore, when the spirit is poisoned by some shocking gas, this spirit has an effect in the human body and changes, thereby putting the individual in a state of anger.

  Because of this characteristic of the spirit, many unexplained things that affect the spirit will produce a series of inexplicable reactions in the body.

As a result, the person is in tension, excitement, excitement, joy, notice, or some other different mental condition.

Yoga is very skillful. A person must be able to control his scattered spirit and be able to consciously lead his mind to a desired goal; otherwise, he cannot think of the essence of yoga he has mastered.

  As long as it is practiced through the energy concentration of yoga, this ability to control the mind in combination with its ability to lead to a certain chosen direction is obtained.

In order to practice mental concentration, some preparations must be made.

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