Yoga’s wholesome fitness approach

Yoga’s wholesome fitness approach

With the acceleration of the pace of urban life, for modern people who are overwhelmed and stressed, physical health is definitely a concern, but it is the easiest to ignore.

In recent years, the popularity of yoga, people began to like and recognize this fitness exercise.

  ”Introduced below, if you can persist in yoga exercises every day, and correct breathing combined with correct breathing, not only can the functions of internal organs be enhanced and strengthened, but also certain diseases can be treated and prevented, and excess aunts in the body can be eliminated.Get fully relaxed on it.

It makes people feel optimistic about life.

“Yoga instructor said.

  Sit on your knees, straighten your back, slowly inhale and raise your head, try to lengthen and align, slowly inhale the gas from the lower abdomen, middle waist to hips, and hold your breath.

  Slowly open the belly of the fist, extend the chest as far as possible, hold the chest forward, hold your breath for 5-13 seconds.

  Role: Eliminate stasis of the shoulder and back, soften the lumbar spine, eliminate headache symptoms, and increase lung capacity.

  Move two hands to grab the big toe, inhale and look up.

  Exhale slowly, press your upper body forward to your legs, and stay for a few seconds before restoring.

  Function: Stretch the waist and back, open the ligaments of the legs, and massage the digestive system.

  Action Three. Stretch your right leg forward, resist your left foot to the perineum, grab your right foot with your right hand, inhale, turn backwards, use your left hand to go around your waist, grab your left foot, and breathe slowly for 10 seconds.Exhale.

Change legs and do it again.

  Role: shrink the spine, treat hump, adjust gastrointestinal function, and have an adjuvant effect on constipation.

  Action Four: The whole body is lying on the ground in a relaxed position, with your hands folded, your head resting on your hands, and slowly inhaling.

  Raise your head, look at the ceiling, and stretch your spine.

  Role: Lengthen the spine, regulate endocrine, and help treat some women’s functional disorders.

  Action Five: Stand upside down with head and elbow support (this action is more difficult and difficult to complete, but you don’t need to do it).

  Role: Eliminate visceral congestion, massage and stimulate the pineal gland, thyroid, normalize metabolic balance, and enable people to maintain normal weight.

Adjust nervous system function.

  Move six sides, lie slowly from the lower part of the body, breathe normally, and eliminate tension throughout the body.

  Regardless of the yoga practice methods described above, as long as you have perseverance and perseverance, it will definitely bring benefits to your body. Come on, start!

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