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Treating a Broken Relationship

The first day of the first day of broken love is always the most difficult.

You may be surrounded by a daze and at a loss.

At this time, you better ask everyone to make you quiet, make the bed, change to the most comfortable clothes, and cry quietly in bed.

When you’re tired, go to sleep and be ready to pull your energy out of sorrow.

  Week 1: Vent Week This week, your homework is: Effortlessly vent the pain that has accumulated in your heart, and dump all the emotional trash.

  Monday: Start journaling.

Write down all your feelings, no matter how hard it is to be hurt, and to describe all the pain in your heart, you will find that you are much better off.

  Tuesday: Go exercise.

The more competitive, the harder the exercise, the better.

You need to feel your vitality in the sweat dripping.

After moving, you will no longer be dead.

  Wednesday: Write down his faults.

He is not considerate. He loves to talk to other girls and is late. He said that he didn’t call every time he called . list each item as many as possible.

Every time you think of him, don’t think about his good, just think about his bad.

  Thursday: Eat.

If eating makes you feel better, eat it.

But do n’t forget to exercise after eating, otherwise, your weight will make you more depressed.

  Friday: write to him.

Still miss him?

Write a letter to it, but don’t write him well, or at least scold him in the letter. After writing, tear the letter to pieces and throw it deep in the trash.

  Saturday: Weep.

You don’t need to pretend you are happy, if you are really sad, you can cry enough.

Broken love is not a shameful thing, let others know you are sad, you don’t need to pretend to be happy in front of others.

  Sunday: Play.

Go to places with good men to play, dance, bowl, and see other boys with higher quality.

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