[Can cuttlefish and potatoes eat together]_cuttlefish_potato_with food

[Can cuttlefish and potatoes eat together]_cuttlefish_potato_with food

Cuttlefish is a very delicious fish, and usually one can make many delicious snacks.

And I feel that my own taste is different. I can classify cuttlefish to meet the needs of my own taste. At the same time, I can make a very good food for everyone to enjoy.

Potatoes are a common home-cooked dish. There are many ways to make potatoes, and sometimes they can be made into shredded potato chips.

Cuttlefish and potatoes may be a very delicious dish, but can cuttlefish and potatoes be eaten together?

Can squid be eaten with potatoes?
Squid can be eaten with potatoes. Squid must be boiled in boiling water. There will be no froth in the pan when fried.

Green pepper is not easy to fry for too long, otherwise it will not feel crispy and refreshing when it is eaten.

How to store potatoes The suitable storage temperature for potatoes is 3-5 ° C and the relative humidity is about 90%. 4 ° C is the most suitable storage temperature for most varieties. At this time, tubers are not easy to germinate or germinate rarely, and it is not easy to shrink.

Potatoes will germinate or rot when the temperature is too high. Potatoes will be frostbite and cannot be eaten if the temperature is too low. Generally, you should store the potatoes in a cool place for a few days to dry until the skin is dried. Never put the potatoes in the sun.Exposure, otherwise the potato skin will become green and inedible.

Finally, potatoes should be stored in a ventilated bag in a dry place.

Potatoes should avoid sweet potatoes, so potatoes cannot be stored with sweet potatoes.

Otherwise, it is either the sweet potato’s stubbornness or the potato’s sprouts.

Freshness of potatoes: Dry in a cool, ventilated place for 3-5 days, then store.

You can put them in a clean cardboard box with some dry fine soil between each layer of potatoes.

Or, put one or two green apples in the middle of the potatoes to help keep them fresh and prevent their teeth from growing.

Choose good quality potatoes, wash them and dry them.

Then, add water to the pot, heat it to about 70%, add saline (water, salt ratio 10: 1), stir thoroughly and cease the fire.

Next, place the potatoes in the water while hot and soak 1-1.

After 5 minutes, remove it to dry and place it in a dry place. It can be placed continuously without sprouting. In this method, potatoes should not be stored in plastic bags.

The practice of roasting squid with potatoes 1.

Peel the potatoes and cut into slices.


Squid washed and cut into sections.


Slice garlic and chopped onion and ginger.


Add the right amount of fried ginger and garlic to the pan, and pour about a bowl of water to boil.


Add potato chips and bring to a boil. Add a bit of salt and cook until the potatoes are ripe.


Add squid and stir well, add cooking wine and stir well with oyster sauce.


Fry until taste, add a small amount of vinegar and stir fry until the soup is rare.


Just add green onions.



Tips: Add squid when the potatoes are ripe. Squids are easy to cook.

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