Yoga tells you how to have beautiful legs quickly

Yoga tells you how to have beautiful legs quickly

“Yoga posture-warrior series” is a classic and commonly used posture in yoga. The second style of warrior introduced today is mainly to beautify the legs, and the movements are simple and easy to learn, telling you how to quickly have charming beautiful legs.

  Practicing Yoga Asanas—Warrior’s second style, highlighting in the mountain style.

  Second, inhale deeply, with your legs apart wider than your shoulders, with your arms raised flat to your shoulders and your palms facing down.

  Third, turn your right foot 90 degrees to the right and turn your left foot slightly to the right.

Straighten the left leg, straighten the knee, and contract the leg tendon of the left leg.

  4. Exhale and bend the right leg until it is parallel to the ground and the right lower leg is perpendicular to the floor so that the right thigh and the right leg are at right angles.

Bend Do not bend more than the foot, but align with the heel.

  Fifth, leaning your hands forward and backward, it feels as if two people are pulling themselves from both sides in different directions.

  Six, face turned to the right, eyes fixed on the right hand, fully stretch the muscles of the back of the left leg.

The back of the legs, back and chest should be in a straight line.

  Seventh, keep this posture for 20-3-seconds and take a deep breath.

  Eight, inhale back to action 2, and do it to the other side.

  Posture: The second type of warrior has a more obvious effect on the legs. It can make the leg muscles more symmetrical and strong, and can also relieve the muscle tension in the thighs and calves, enhance the leg and hip muscle elasticity, and strengthen internal organs.

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